Ibaraki Kashima ”Toyosato Festival” Mock festival experience Children learn about tradition

"Toyosato Festival" where children simulated the start of the festival (Suga, Kashima City)

Toyosato Elementary School in Suga, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture (former principal Kobashi) held a simulated festival to pray for a bountiful harvest and world peace on the 13th, in order to foster love for the local community by experiencing the traditional culture of the region. More than 140 students from all the schools bravely beat oak sticks and drums. The hands-on experience is one of the programs of the "Toyosato Festival" held every year in collaboration with the school and the Toyosato Community Development Center.

The children have been practicing hard for about a week, and on this day, the 1st to 5th graders wore happi coats, and the 19 6th graders wore the Hayashibito costumes used at the festival. Appeared. Divided into multiple groups, they shouted "Iyahoe!" in high spirits, and underclassmen beat oak sticks to the sound of taiko drums played by the 6th graders, recreating the "Gaisen no Shinji" ritual. He received a big round of applause from his parents and local residents. Yuan Yanagisawa, 12, who participated in the performance, said, "I'm glad I was able to perform as I practiced until the end. It was an opportunity to learn about local traditions."