Making next year’s zodiac "rabbit" figurine by "Kasama-yaki" Shirosato, Ibaraki,Japan

Next year's zodiac
Next year's zodiac "rabbit" figurine in progress = Iwafune, Shirosato Town

Kyoko Kashimura, 64, a potter in Iwafune, Shirosato, Ibaraki Prefecture, is making a Kasama-yaki figurine named after next year's rabbit.

The motif is a rabbit playing lively and happily in the field. Using fingers and a spatula, shape the clay into a rabbit shape, let it dry for about a week, bake it unglazed for about 9 hours, and then paint it. Glazed and fired at 1270 degrees, then finished with painting and fired at 800 degrees to complete. They are about 8 to 15 centimeters tall, and each one is hand-made, so each one is unique and has a variety of expressions and shapes. It is said that he is focusing on expressing the shape of the original rabbit foot.

The work will continue until the end of this month, and it will be sold at places such as Kasama Craft Hills in Kasama, Kasama City from the 30th of this month. Mr. Kashimura said, "I want you to feel relieved when you see it by decorating it with plants and flowers for a year."